# omg but high school au # or maybe college au idk # and it’s dean and cas’ first date # and dean is nervous and a bit scared (even if he won’t admit that) # but when he sees cas he knows that it’s gonna be ok # he doesn’t have to worry anymore # because it might be a date but cas is still cas # it’s still the same guy who’s been his best friend for years # the 5 year old boy who played hide and seek with him and the 15 year old who held him while he cried after a fight with his dad # he doesn’t have to worry about giving a good impression because cas already knows him better than anyone (anyone but sammy) # he knows everything about him and he wants him anyway # it was about time they did something about it too # these idiots have been in love for at least half as long as they’d known each other  (via holyfrackles)